2013 - 2014


Participation as research assistant (post-doc scientist) at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid in the research project 'Numerical modelling of tidewater calving glacier dynamics integrated with regional climate modelling and mass balance modelling'. The focus of the project is the numerical modelling of the dynamics of tidewater glaciers, using a full-Stokes model incorporating a crevasse-penetration-depth calving law (though other types of calving laws could be considered). It is known that water filling the crevasses contributes to deepen the crevasses, and thus favours calving. As most of this water stems from surface melting, modelling of melt at the glacier surface can provide valuable information about the amount of available water. In turn, the modelling of melt strongly depends on the available meteorological data. Since the data available from in-situ automatic weather stations (AWS) or neighbouring manned meteorological station is usually scarce, it is planned to use regional climate modelling to provide detailed meteorological fields. In particular, the Weather Research & Forecasting (WRF) model will be used.

2008 - 2013


Participation as research assistant (PhD student) at the Technische Universität Berlin in the research projects 'Dynamic Response of Surface Energy and Mass Balance of Vest- and Austfonna (Nordaustlandet, Svalbard) on Climate Change' and 'Sensitivity of Vestfonna to climate change'. The projects are part of the international project frameworks 'GlacioDyn', 'IPY - Kinnvika' and 'ESF - SvalGlac'. The central goal of these projects was to improve the understanding of atmosphere-cryosphere interactions on Arctic glaciers and in particular to investigate seasonality and variability of the climate in Svalbard and its impact on Vest- and Ausfonna ice cap. A methodology combining field observations, remote sensing and numerical modeling was employed to provide detailed information about the state and sensitivity of SEB and SMB, what meso-scale processes generate the changes and how these processes link the synoptic to the local process space.


2013 - 2014


One research expedition to Sabine Land (Svalbard)

Field report: Spring 2014

2008 - 2012


Nine research expeditions to Nordaustlandet (Svalbard) within the Kinnvika and SvalGlac projects (five as group leader)

Field reports: Spring 2008 | Summer 2008 | Spring 2009 | Summer 2009 | Spring 2010 | Summer 2010 | Spring 2011 | Summer 2011 | Spring 2012

August 2007


Field course in the Caledonian Mountains, Sweden